Template 17:

Over thirty navigational buttons are included in this template: Home, About, FAQ, Search, Links, Contact Us, Products, Services, News, Updates, Downloads, Pictures, Misc., Info, Locations, Interests, Friends, View Guestbook, Sign Guestbook, Guestbook, and Places. All the navigation buttons are optional and give you a great range of customization. The menu items can be added and removed with ease. Also included is a blank navigational button, a title (the welcome above), a blank title, a bullet, a bar separator and a back and next button. The blank nav buttons and the blank title are in Photoshop format (.psd) and can be edited with Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, they are also in (.JPG) format with no compression which can be edited with nearly any graphics program.

Technical info:

The font on the navigational buttons and graphics is Lucida Console, the font color of the text on the graphics and navigation buttons is hex code #AFEFF5, the background color on the right content side is hex code #9EDCF6, and the background color of the left navigational side is hex code #648897.

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